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Long distance bf/hubby


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Hey, I've got this friend (Thai lady) she hasn't seen her husband/boyfriend for 3 years. He stills sends her a bunch of money every month. 


Anyone else out there can beat that? 

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1 minute ago, Jerno said:

Define bunch.  BTW, it's sponsor not bf.  And how many others are also sending her money?

Yeah, lots of unknowns with this post. 


Anyway, I'm only jealous. 

I was in love a long time ago, bloody good feeling, I hope to god I can experience that feeling again one day. 


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12 minutes ago, meatboy said:

yes you can GET A DOG one with 4legs and a tail.😍

My rabbits love me, and I don't have to walk them or clear up their poop.

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