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Booster in Pattaya or even Bangkok

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Would appreciate information regarding booster vaccination in Pattaya or even in Bangkok with Moderna. Even if I have to pay for it, but I will need an official certificate. The BPHospital told me that they are still waiting for moderna delivery, it may takes weeks. I have had my 2 vax with Pfizer in France and have the certificate with the QR Code


Thank you

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Moderna.pngHow come they are still waiting for delivery? It's a long time since they "opened reservations". Note: a regular girl of mine in Pattaya whom I hadn't seen for months got Covid after 2 Moderna shots. She was very angry as she'd paid for the shots out of her own pocket. She was 2 weeks in hospital, although her symptoms were not that bad (not totally mild either, said she "slept two days on end").

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