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Thailand Road Carnage: Myanmar woman crushed to death as cement carrying pick-up overturns on bridge


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Picture: Naew Na


Naew Na reported on the latest tragic accident on the Thai roads, generally accepted as being some of the most dangerous in the world.


Muang Ratchaburi police in south central Thailand and rescue services were called to a bridge. 


A pick-up had overturned crushing a Myanmar woman called Ta, 43, underneath. 


People at the scene help to right the pick-up and extricate the woman but she soon died from her injuries. 


Two other people were hurt.



Picture: Naew Na


The driver of the pick-up Winthoon, also a 43 year old from Myanmar, said that he had been taking the cement to Photaram district when his mirror was sideswiped by a six wheel truck. 


He lost control and a tire blew out resulting in his vehicle ending up on its side and Ta being thrown out and crushed. 


The media did not report any other vehicles at the scene. 


Police are interviewing the driver again to get to the bottom of what actually happened. 


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Think they mean women thrown off Not out......as I see . most sitting on top of cement as too lazy to tie load on .. another life lost that  could be avoided.if certain people did their jobs....

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7 hours ago, webfact said:

Police are interviewing the driver again to get to the bottom of what actually happened.

I didn't believe his version either.

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13 minutes ago, Road Warrior said:

pickup's surly are designed to carry such weight as powder cement !!

I watched an overloaded pick up carrying cement bags, some years back, pull off the main road onto a concreted side road. Unfortunately the concreted side road had a lip some 4 inches higher than the main road. Anyways the pick up was so weighted down that both back tyres blew. Two young guys sitting on the cement bags then had to handball the load off the pick up. The tyres then had to be replaced. Believe it or not but the pick up was then reloaded and off they went.

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