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certificate of road worthines ( MOT) Bangkok

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My car is now more than 7 years old,  i understand I have to apply for a certificate of roadworthiness ( MOT) first before I can  buy a new tax sticker.

I read I can do the certificate at the DLT at chatutchak, but it seems it will take a very long time as it is mostly busy there.

Unfortunately i don't have the time for this at the moment

There are also private testing centers where I can get this certificate. Can anybody suggest a center in BKK somewhere around suk road or close by. Or what is the exact name I can search with google maps. car testing center or similar i only get a few results.

Can these private testing centers also manage to buy the new tax sticker?


Thank you






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Yup ^^^. E


Enter "vehicle inspection" into Google Maps search to find one local to you.

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They tend to be less picky than the main centres too. Eg my Pajero (the now infamous one with the seized engine) has a black vinyl roof. The main centre told us to either remove it or reclassify the car as black.


The indie test centre down the road has never even mentioned it.

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