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Is Hua Hin nightlife alive?

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Heading to Hua Hin for the weekend.  Mostly for relaxation on the beach, but what about the nightlife?  Are the hostess bars or girlie beer bars open on soi Bintibaht, soi 80, etc?  I read they are closed indefinitely and then read they are running as usual by rebranding themselves as restaurants.  Also read that they are closed at 11:00pm, then read that some are open past 1:00am.  All of it was last months news, so I was hoping someone could give me an idea of the current situation and possibly some suggestions to enjoy some beers and the scenery.  TIA

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Open-nightly, Soi 80 & Soi 94 have many bars with ladies. Not sure if they all have the same closing times; depends on their certification. Good luck.

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54 minutes ago, Michaelaway said:

Wonderland Soi 94 has a lot of ladies.

Thanks!  I haven’t been there before, and have only been in Hua Hin once or twice.  Looks like they are open late, so I will be making my way there!

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