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Clearing phone number from LINE app


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Well, I messed up and while setting up Rabbit Pay I "verified" my phone number in the Line app. On my previous Line account, this meant that it would delete my conversation history when I swapped phones or SIMs. I had it associated with my Apple ID and so I was able to switch phones and SIMs without a problem, but I've had this stupid app delete my information several times in the past and I would like to avoid that so......how do I delete my phone number from the App? When I Google a solution it tells me to go to tap on options that do not exist.

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Don't know if it would work, but can you not do a back up on Line before changing phones? I think you need an account password.

I think that's how I did mine a couple of months ago when I changed phones.


Or settings > phone number. > change phone number if just changing SIM?


Other than that, try Settings > Help Centre and contact them for help.



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20 hours ago, The Hammer2021 said:





The menus on my line ap aren't structured that way. Are you using the android version or something?

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