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BOI Smart Visa after losing a job

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I've got the work permit and Non-B visa that were issued through the BOI system by the Immigration office in Chamchuri Square aka "One Stop Center for Visa and Work Permits". However, I've got a bad feeling about my current employer and my future in the company. What's going to happen when I'll lose the job? Will I also lose my visa? What would be the best solution in that scenario to remain in Thailand?

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I was in a similar situation 5 years ago. Previous employer was under BOI, but the only difference for me was fast track in BKK airport when comparing BOI with current non-BOI work permit.
After I resigned, the company wanted me to come for a final briefing/questionnaire on "why and what went wrong". During this 6 hour briefing they also cancelled my work permit and said "goodbye" by giving me 24H to leave Thailand. I did not care, since I already had plane tickets to Singapore and a new job in Thailand waiting for me the very next day.

Only thing that annoys me today, is that my visa and work permit now has to be renewed with 2.5 months between them, where old company was with visa and work permit renewal within 3 weeks - a bit less hassle.

I am not sure whether a BOI company can cancel ones work permit with a 24H warning - I dont think so? but did not challenge it.

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