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Should I bother going to see the doc about this thing growing on my chest?


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I'm an old school farmer guy (retired) and don't normally go to the doctor unless its serious. My ex misus from the mother country would have forced me to go to ER by now, but my current thai wife says to me don't worry about it... 'its nothing' she says


Its possibly been getting bigger over the months. 


Anyone with experience with this can you tell me if its worth forking out for a doctors fee at a private hospital?




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10 minutes ago, Sheryl said:

As I gather this is new, and it may be  growing in size, definitely you should see a doctor. And quickly. Melanoma needs to be ruled out.


I very, very, very much doubt your wife is knowledgable about skin cancers that mainly affect Caucasians -  even most Thai doctors are not.


Even among Thai dermatologists, expertise in skin cancers is low and there are only a few places I could recommend going for accurate diagnosis. Where in Thailand do you live?

Bangkok. Do you know a cheap doctor. 


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