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Extending Non O based on being parent

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Hi, what is needed to extend Non O visa for a year based on being parent, unmarried but got court parental rights paper.

What form I need and where I can download it?

There's things like photos in house and front of house is it? Photo at school too?

What else I need to copy? Kid birth cert? House book? Everything need to be 2 x copies?

400k in bank acc?

Be doing it at Jomtien.

Any detailed info?


Thank you

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You will use the standard TM7 form for the extension application. You will need 2 of them completed and 2 sets of supporting document for the application.

Photos in and around the house will be needed for the application but it varies from office to office. If you child is of school age some even want pictures of them and you at their school. Also proof they attending school.

Best to contact the office where you with be applying for your extension since it can vary greatly from office to office.

You need copies of their birth certificate, house book registry and ID card (if old enough to have one). Aslo a KorRor 11 form from a Amphoe to prove you are the legal father of you child.

You will need 400k baht in a Thai bank in your name only on the day you apply for your extension.

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The 2 ladies that work the Family desk at Jomtien Immigration can be picky sometimes, you should go there ahead of time and ask for their checklist, I did my extension based on marriage and got a checklist from them (see attached).  While you're there you should ask them specifically about the photos, because last time I came with 4x6 photos and they said I needed them to be full size on A4 paper.

Then make 2 sets of paperwork, stacked identical to each other, and sign the bottom of each paper ( I used blue ink).

Good luck.


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