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Padang Besar Thailand hotels

my friend I

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Are any of the Padang Besar Thailand hotels open?


There were about 5 still operating before covid.  Some had long term residents.

More Malaysians have been crossing the border lately. May have created some demand.

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I've looked at everything I can think of. There is one mention of the Sathit on a hotel booking site but I'm not confident. Why isn't it on all sites.

That site also mentions that the area cannot be visited because it's a covid risk area. I'm guessing that is old news.

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2 hours ago, my friend I said:

Why isn't it on all sites.

Probably they have no need to sell rooms via an online booking site.


I can see two showing on Google Maps, Sathit and The Room, both have recent review activity which would indicate they're open.

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