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Semi modular PSU suggestions


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I have used all the PC components from my old gaming PC desktops to build another PC but I need a new PSU with an 8 pin VGA connector.  I am not sure I really need a modular PSU as I am going to build a Linux Apache webserver for use on my LAN instead of using XAMPP on my development machine but semi-modular seems like a good middle way.


Any suiggestions that are available from Advice/Jib/Shopee or Lazada?  I think 2500 Bt should be my budget.

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IMHO power supplies should have no connectors which are not necessary.

Why use: power supply - connector - cable - connector

When: power supply - cable - connector   is available

One more connector, or in reality many more, are just more possibilities for failure.

Get a brand name power supply with no gimmicks and all is fine.

I built hundreds of PCs over the years.

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Thanks for the advice/suggestion.  As this build is not about ultimate performance and as I have already been shamed on these forums for my untidy cable management and survived I'll take you advice and just buy a regular SMPS.



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