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Thai honesty praised! This time it's a shabu restaurant after customer pays ten times the bill


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22 hours ago, webfact said:

Khun Sasimonkan had inadvertently paid 17,094 baht at the till rather than 1,794 baht.

This is very strange, first the cashier doesn't tell him or notice, :unsure: then hands over 17k without questioning the bill.  

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8 hours ago, ikke1959 said:

First of all, how come that they paid 10x more?/ and secondly it is normal if you make a mistake like this that you correct it.. Why so much praise for normal behaviour??. O yea an exception in gthe land of scams

The customer probably paid through her phone app and added a 0 somewhere without realizing. The staff didn't realize either. Good on the restaurant for being honest, but the customer would have probably realized it later anyway.

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