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Police investigating at Fitness First, The Mall, after real estate businessman loses 10M in locker


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As long as FF has the, ‘We are not responsible for items kept in lockers’ stickers on display then there should be no problem as everything is left at the owner’s risk. 

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3 hours ago, Emdog said:

any one stupid enough to put that much cash plus other spendy items into a general public locker has only themselves to blame. I know "blame the victim" some might say, but word "idiot" comes to mind... and why pack all that around any way?

While I agree 100% with what you said I would point out that the reaction if you said similar about an idiot kneeling in the road and then getting hit by a car the reaction would have been biblical... aren't people strange.

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22 minutes ago, kotsak said:

Yes but plenty of morons live among us, they need a warning sign on a hot coffee cup to warn them that content is hot.


As someone said long time ago, remove warning labels and let nature take its course.


Very true. 

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19 hours ago, webfact said:

Police have no theories yet apart from the fairly obvious that it could be a staff member or a fellow fitness guest who saw an opportunity. 

Or there was no robbery?

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