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Wanted Singaporean hacker arrested in Bangkok - he was dealing drugs with his Thai girlfriend, say police


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Picture: Siam Rath


Siam Rath reported on the arrest of a couple in a condo room in the Huay Khwang area of downtown Bangkok.


Singaporean Yong Jian Sern, 32, was taken into custody on a charge of using a false passport in Sa Kaeo province. 


His girlfriend Ananlak, 28, was also taken into custody.


Found in the condo were a variety of drugs and a weighing machine.


There was 1.5 grams of crystal meth in white flake form, two bags of ketamine weighing 1.4 grams and 0.8 grams of Erimin Five (a street name for Japan produced drug Nimetazepam that is a class 2 restricted narcotic in Thailand). 




They are being charged with dealing drugs by the Suthisan police after the raid by the Economic Crime Division police yesterday.


The Singaporean is also wanted in his homeland for a multi-victim online hacking fraud.


The suspect escaped from Singapore and later was out after being charged with having a false passport in Thailand before he was taken back into custody again. 



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5 minutes ago, webfact said:

Singaporean Yong Jian Sern, 32

Oh! Where is he from? What's his name and how old is he? 🤔

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"...There was 1.5 grams of crystal meth in white flake form, two bags of ketamine weighing 1.4 grams and 0.8 grams of Erimin Five..." wow, big time dealer: 3.7 grams of product to push. Is that about the weight of a postcard? That is 0.130514 ounces. The weight of two condoms (without packaging). I was trying to figure what to compare that weight to

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21 hours ago, BritManToo said:

I thought the police weren't suppose to state the nationalities of foreigners any more.

Nothing more than a RTP recommendation for the RTP, nothing to prevent journalists from doing it...or the police, come to that

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