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Mazda Naviextras/HERE Map update

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My naviextras navigation for Mazda Cx5 expired and need renewal, I know it can be done using their on line mazda tool box but I don't want to spend 200 USD for that. Some time ago (2-3 years) I provided a link to a user asking for similar service, unfortunately don't have the link contact as it was from a site called Mazda3Revolution forum, 2 years ago my computer was completely wiped out by a hacker and I lost all my previous emails and contacts. Also know that one can use downloaded off line maps to travel, however I would like to get the free (or less expensive) update,  if anybody can help would be appreciated



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I have a one year old Mazda CX30 and was told by the mazda dealer that no map of Thailand is available for use in the navigation system. So I would be interested in obtaining such a map through official or unofficial channels.

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