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Bangkok to Vientiane visa run options

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Have an appointment at the Vientiane Thai Consulate in a week (Monday, April 22, 9am) and am wondering what the best current options are for getting there from Bangkok. I've previously (very long ago) taken a Nok Air flight to Udon Thani and then a bus to the border. Another ancient run was via a van that I hooked with at the On Nut Tesco parking lot on a Sunday night. I guess just taking an AirAsia Bangkok-Vientiane might also be an option. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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9 minutes ago, scoutman360 said:

Why not fly direct from DMK? Only 1 hr flight. However i strongly advise you get your eVisa in advance before you get there. When i arrived, the "Visa on Arrival" line filled the room. They must have spent all day there. I had my eVisa and there was only 2 people in front of me at the Immigration counter.

Good post. I just looked it up, it seems great, but Laos observes Songkran as well and it says the embassy and the evisa wont be working until the 18th. 

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