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Suspect Questioned Over Kidnapping and Ransom of Indonesian Man


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Thai authorities pulled in a key suspect for further questioning on Wednesday in connection with an alleged kidnapping case involving a Indonesian man who was seized from Hat Yai district. The man was taken to Phatthalung province, held captive and a 2.3 million baht ransom demand was made for his release earlier this month.


Two additional suspects have been considered as witnesses, as the investigation showed they were just instructed by the leader to watch over the house where the victim was kept.


The rescue of the victim, Mr. Syawana, a 29-year-old Indonesian, happened on Tuesday. He was found in a house in the Mueang district of Phatthalung province. This rescue was made possible due to the joint efforts with the Indonesian Consulate General in Songkhla province. The consulate reported on May 11 that a group of Thai men had abducted Mr. Syawana in Songkhla and taken him to Mueang Phatthalung district.


The kidnappers reportedly tortured Mr. Syawana and even filmed a video, which they sent to his sister in Indonesia with the ransom demand. Before he was able to sneakily send out his location via a borrowed phone to his sister, his family had already paid 800,000 baht of the demanded ransom.


The authorities arrested three suspects- Weerasak from Phatthalung, Ruswan and Saidee from Narathiwat province. A 9mm handgun and a pair of handcuffs were seized from them as proof of their involvement. The suspects were then taken to the police station in Mueang Phatthalung for more questioning while Mr. Syawana was asked to provide more statements about his ordeal.


The search led to the discovery of two more Indonesians held captive at the same house, bringing the total number of victims to three. All of them were taken to Phatthalung Hospital for a medical check-up to determine any signs of abuse.


The house where the victims were held was reportedly a deserted rental property. The owner of the property is yet to be identified. Once again the forensic team from Phatthalung revisited the house to gather more evidence. The police have not made any statement on the suspects' testimonies so far.


File photo for reference only. Courtesy of Microsoft Bing



-- 2024-05-15


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