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Gardener Needed In Hua Hin


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We have a small house in Hua Hin. We need a gardener who visit the property 2-3 times a week and water the grass and plants. There is not much to take care, just grass around the house and one palm tree and some plants. So mostly the watering is needed and just making sure that all is growing as it should.

Approximately 50 square meters grass and plants in the property.

So in case you know someone and you afre the one we are looking for please contact me.



ps. In case we find a good gardener (with good deal :o we know many more potential customers from the same neighbourhood.

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Good luck to you on that. We've been through several over the last few years and it is difficult to find one who is both dependable and knowledgeable. Either we've found ones that seemed to know what they were doing and only showed up half the time or reliable ones who required lots of training and had to be told exactly what to do all the time. We have the latter now because I just got tired of the ones who don't show up for work half the time.

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