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Buying A New Car Or A Good Second Hand?


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I was considering buying a new CR-V but then i thought perhaps a good second hand (perhaps 1 or 2 years) may also be a good option.

In Europe i would consider a good second hand probably a better deal overall then a new one, is it the case in Thailand too?

Is it the % interest generally high in Thailand if buy a second hand car?

Any advice?

I'm looking to buy a 2.0 CR-V (1.219M) but i have seen good second hand 1 year old car with less then a million.

Do you normally get any assistence and warranty if buy a second hand car?

Any advice is truly appreciated.

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If you get a good deal then a used car is well worth buying.

usually cars under 12 months are not worth buying in thailand, they are too close to the new car price.

the warranty stays with the car not the owner.

see the website www.expatmotors.co.th they have many used cars and will usually offer good prices on new cars. they also sponsor this forum.

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