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Cristiano Ronaldo


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Breaking News.......... On the Cristiano Ronaldo car crash,

Witnesses at the scene state that although the Ferrari that Ronaldo was driving, was only barely clipped from behind at very low speed, the car somehow flipped over a dozen times and spun around in circles, before all the wheels fell off and it burst into flames with its horn blaring.


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- The first thing he said to the police was that the wall was not 10yrds away!

- Alex Ferguson is claiming that Ferrari does not give Ronaldo enough protection

- Witnesses at the scene of Ronaldos crash say he was only lightly tapped from behind, when all of a sudden the car flipped and rolled over 10 times!!

- When he got out of the car injured he immediately demanded to be subbed, forgetting he was already in a tunnel

- Police are investigating why a player voted the worlds best, and earns £140000 per week cannot take a corner

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hot off the press.

the reason ronaldo crashed was that his zits burst and shot all over the windscreen restricting his view.fergie told him to keep the make up on, like on the field. but he didnt listen.

man u are panicking about him being fit for sunday,they say he has 3 broken finger nails and a ripped false eye brow and he will not face the cameras.

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