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True Selling Iphones Without Lock-in


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They don't really say it's unlocked, or whether they'd unlock it for a fee. The promotion is "for True customers" to maybe it's still SIM locked.

But they now sell the phone without plan, 24,500 for 8GB, and 28,500 for 16. Still a bit pricey compared to HK.

Rumor has it they didn't get very many people to sign up for the expensive 2 year packages. Small wonder, I'd take a hacked HK version from MBK over that any day too.

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The situation is so confusing.

I promised my Mrs an iPhone a year ago with the proviso that it would have to be an official and not cracked or jailbroken one because I didn't want her to accidentally brick it with a soft- (or firm) ware upgrade.

After waiting for ages as her old XDA slowly gave up the ghost and seeing that the only option for an 'official' iPhone was finally available, but only via True which is expensive and useless for us, I shelled out and bought a "Apple unlocked' phone from the basement of Big C here in Phuket, it was ~30,000 THB.

We brought it home, upgraded the firmware and software via iTunes on her MBP and yesterday we checked the warranty on it (just for fun) at this site and it politely informed us that the phone (although actually from Italy) was registered as being bought in Thailand and was under warranty for a year at any Apple store here.


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