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Ride Friday The 16th From Udon Slow Ride


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Meet at the Jet Gas Station on the Nong Khai Highway at 0900

Udon to Ban Phu

Ban Phu to Nam Som

Nam Sam to Na Yung

2346 to Nam Som

Nam Som to Suwan Khua

Sawan Khua to Kut Chap

Kut Chap to Udon

Some of these road are rough but should not be a problem at low speeds.

We are going over the montian route from Nam Som to 2346 and then the back way to Udon

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Hi Ray,

We should be able to make this one, how long has it been since we went to Sri Chai Miang, 18 months?

We have some trusty staff in the Salon now and the farm has a regular turnkey for sales ect so it would be nice to get on the bike for a few hours.

Do you remember where the Salon is in Namsom? big pink place on the right just before the traffic lights, be good to meet you all there,

And join the ride as far as Sawan Khua, There is a cave there, never been, and Pan says its small, but somewhere to stop for refreshment.

Will keep you posted if we can definetly make it, have to speak to her indoors first!!

Oh yes, dress up warm, you can always take it off!!

Cheers, Lickey & Pan.

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Hi Ray,

Mrs agrees its time for a few hours away from the salon on the bike.

Coffee & tea available here, farm fruits [banana & tamarind] 7/11 [similar] 20mtrs away for other snacks.

And if any of the party want a steam sauna,massage,or any of the things our beauty salon does, they can stay here while we ride off!!

Looking forward to seeing you all friday,

Cheers, Lickey & Pan..

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