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Orthodontist In Bangkok


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I need to see an orthodontist to fix my slightly protruding jaw problem. It is bloody expensive to get it done by a private doctor in Singapore. The government doctors use an apprentice as their helper for maybe 30% less.

Any recommendations?

Do you think it would be a good idea for me to get my 360 degree X-ray from my current dentist or should I take a new one in Bangkok? How much would it cost in Bangkok? I remember I paid about 2500 THB for a consultation + 360 x-ray scan in Singapore. I think I might have to pay another 2500 THB to get the x-ray film!

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dude just get your stuff done in singapore if you live in singapore..... by the time u come here pay for plane ticket and hotel and food, it will come out the same lol

+ if you have any complications in the future you can always go back near your home, dont have to fly to bkk again.

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I was writing about my root canal filling recently, stating how much cheaper it was to have it done here in BKK but the fact is, I would have paid the same amount in the UK at a private dentists.

I think Thailand is now becoming much more expensive for things like this and, as Dragon said, by the time you've spent money on travel and accommodation, you'll pay the same if not more.

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It would be nice to find out the prices in BKK as compard to SG because SG has crazy prices for medical stuff. We do not have "free healthcare" in SG. I really cannot see BKK prices being more expensive than SG prices.

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