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I am writing to get some advice on a visa matter. I came into the country from the states last november on a Non-immigrant O visa (good for 90 days) that is based on my wife's student visa (she is NOT THAI, but Japanese). I need to reapply or extend the visa at the end of this month.

Sounds straightforward, but recently I have been offered a job from the royal thai navy to teach english, and they willl provide a work permit. They are supposed to get everything together by next week but i am not sure if they will be able to get all the paperwork pushed through so that i can get the work permit before my visa expires. Does anyone have any idea how long this usually takes? should i be worried? my visa expires in about 12 days.

and if it happens that the rtn cant get my new visa and work permit in time and i have to reapply my self for the extension, what documents will i need? will i need to show bank info?

any help will be appreciated

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If your wife applies for an extension of stay for one year, you will also be able to apply for an extension of stay as her husband.

A WP can take only a day to very long. In your case, working for the Thai government, it shouldn't be a problem and won't take long. You will find that both labour office and immigraiton will be very helpful. So don't worry. Also because you will have the above mentioned option (if your wife goes for an extension).

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