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Abs And Ebd Installation


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The advise above is about right after all would you really want Somchai and his bag of spanners messing around with something your life depended on like stopping ? Buy something which already has it as standard. Any particular reason as to why you feel the need for it ?

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It might be cheaper to get wider stickier tyres. This makes a big difference, and they stop my abs kicking in too much. I understand about manual cars not having all those goodies - look at the jazz vtec for example. The manual doesn't have anything - but it's the sort of car racers would modify.

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I'm not sure with Jazz popularity among racers. Girls going shopping - maybe, but racers?

haha ok wannabee racers then. Seen a few with turbos in them - don't know if they are all that quick though. Still the point is that enthusiasts still like manuals but they don't (usually) get the creature comforts like abs.

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