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Availability Of Foreign Food Etc In Mae Hong Son?


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Hello, I just accepted a job in Mae Hong Son and will be moving there in a couple of months. I am bringing two cats along with me so am really trying to find out if I will be able to get cat food there, and especially cat litter. I heard there is some sort of dept. store in MHS where one can find some foreign products, including cat food, but does anyone know if they have any variety, and whether there is litter?

Also, can one find good olive oil in MHS? What about cheese? I'm trying to think of things that tend to be my staples, though of course I will adapt to the local cuisine as well. Wine? 100% fruit juices? Pasta (as opposed to noodles)?

If these things are available, are they horrendously expensive?

If they aren't available in MHS, are they available in Chiang Mai?

Thanks a lot for your feedback!


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