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Heres A Question For Kwaker..


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OK so we all know how Kwaker are doing now, for bikers they seem like they are trying harder then any of the other big names..

They have the hot selling mini bike KSR.. Not only do they sell bundles of these but they have a huge aftermarket scene, mods, hot farkles, etc.. Plus I feel its a way of building brand loyalty, the kid that loves his KSR grows up and gets a bigger bike later.

They have the KLX250 and D-tracker which I understand to be mostly the same bike in different fettle.. Both selling from what I can see on the roads but I bet at 150k they have a huge Thai market that wants one but feels thats cheap car money.

But I was surprised to see the KLX140.. This is about a 70k+ machine here.. Its a 144cc mini brother of the KLX250 (I only saw one wheel size but in other places it comes in a KLX140L larger wheel model)..

Now if the taxes have been scrubbed on sub 250 machines as we read.. If they already have a fully built and designed product sitting in showrooms.. Why are they not slapping D-Tracker type equipment on it, getting it road legal, and giving Thai kids another machine, in the 150cc ballpark.. With some mods and enthusiasm this could sell like the KSR and be a huge quiver in their bow. Plus its an obvious upgrade path from mini bike fun, to real bike introductions.

I now see 10's of Thai kids on KSR's, they seem like great fun, they can even be made fairly quick with modding.. Dont tell me that a bigger framed version with all the fun factor at under 85 or even 90k isnt another smart market segment to produce.

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Totally agree. I was thinking along the same lines some time ago when I saw this bike (way before the D-Tracker was released). They are not doing it because they haven't thought of it :o

At that time Kawasaki was selling a KLX 350 (?) for a really good price - but not street legal. A pure dirt bike. I asked the dealer whether they could sell me one with a license plate, expecting to be quoted the usual 50,000 for a modded old book. The answer: No.

But I guess they did come to their senses now, so I wouldn't rule out a street legal KLX140 in the future...

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First I would like to explain way there is a KLX110 (which is official a 111cc engine), this motorcycle is the perfect cheat for the NMA displacement limit for the Super Mini class. The limitation to the popularity of the KLX110 to North America is because the AMA sets the specs between 89cc to 105cc, while the Americans go up to 112cc...

The KLX140 was born out of the blue, it has no AMA or NMA base, it is just the 4mm bore increase before the tipping the engine. And the 144cc specified for the KLX140 by Kawasaki is actual 143.7cc, but who care behind the commas...

The increase of actual power is a whopping 1.5 horse at the rear wheel (which would will maybe not impress much people).

Some insides about the 111cc to 144cc issue you can find at Kawasaki KSR-110 bore-up

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But the KLX140 is not a mini bike like the KLX110 / KSR.. Its a 3/4 size or so tho I know if comes in 2 wheel configs in other places, didnt ask here.

Basically to 'd-tracker' or 'ksr' style the 140 and they have a size that would fit many Thai riders, and make for a good stunt bike / silly bike for many others. And as they have the machine already, plus no taxes at that size, it seems a no brainer ??

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