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As is usually the case - I am confused by all the information available :-)

I am looking for advice on getting decent ... and affordable internet service here in Pattaya. Here is my situation, hoping someone can give me some sound advice - I am not the best at computer speak, so try and give me the "Internet Service for Dummies" version :-)

I live close to Carrefour in Central/North Pattaya and we cannot have a phone line installed (owner keeps a nice clean place but is a bit on the fussy side of things :-) )

She has agreed to let us use her phone line to install wireless - some questions beyond a good provider and pricing are ...

Do you think wireless range will be ok with the modem installed down in her shop and us on the 2nd floor?

Will she be able to use phone without kicking us off the net?

Does modem need to be installed along with computer?

Ok, maybe I am pretty dumb when it comes to this stuff - but hopefully someone else is to :-)

Thanks - anything you think of to add please do!

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