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British Expat Seeking Work

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Hi ,

I am a Uk National currently based in BKK but willing to relocate if the right offer comes along.

I come from an entertainment and service industry background and am a firm believer in customer satisfaction and enjoyment. I am a hard working, well presented and polite individual who takes great pride in any work I do with a fine attention to detail. I am a fast learner, very adaptable, creative, and have the ability to improvise and find solutions to problems when under pressure. I have strong leadership skills and the ability to manage, motivate and work with a team. Over 20 years of experience in the entertainment and service business, a fast paced and constantly evolving industry. My expertise includes analytical decision making with excellent management and problem-solving skills, undoubtedly a great

team collaborator and leader. Recognized for ability to develop businesses professional growth and increase productivity. Ability to multi-task, work under pressure and get proven results. Excellent PR, management and communication skills.

With my successful management experience and proven track record in the entertainment and service industry, I am confident that my experience would benefit your business and that I would make an immediate contribution if I were successful in gaining a position within your company.

I have lived in Samui, Bangkok and Pattaya, having lived in Samui for the past two years. During those times I have a gained a good knowledge of Thailand and its local and expat community.

I should like to meet with you personally to discuss this further and arrange a meeting that is convenient for you.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated.


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