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Knee Replacement


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I am going to need a knee replacement. I'd like to shop for the operation since it is quite expensive. Has anyone had experience with hospitals and surgeons in Bangkok? What are the best procedures? What costs can I expect? What is the post-operative recovery like? What are the dangers and pitfalls?

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I can only answer in regard to the experience of my mother and other elderly relatives, but it seems to be an operation that usually goes off without a hitch; if you were experiencing a lot of pain beforehand, the operation will come as a great and immediate relief; and depending on your health and willpower you could be up and moving about (after physical therapy) in a couple of weeks or so.

There is a small but real risk of bone infection (since you are working on the bone), which is usually prevented by operating under an oxygen tent, which is of course liable to catch on fire if one is not careful.

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