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What Visa Do I Need?

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1. Dual National Brit & Dutch

2. 30yrs old male

3. Married to Thai with 1 x baby girl 1 yr old.

I have never had to apply for a visa in the UK as I have travelled into from other countries and only had to extend an entry visa via the office in Jontiem for a further week.

So in my current predicament comes as a massive confusion when I need to be in Thailand for 44 Days this April and to which route cost etc I need to be going down.

Any advice would be gratefully received as my finger has well and truly fell of the pulse since not needing any visa info for a year having had my daughter and wife in the UK by means of a EEA family permit (cheers Forum)

Regards Pilgrim

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This is what I, also married to a Thai, do for my visits to Thailand:

Stay up to 30 days: no visa (return or onward flight ticket mandatory)

Stay up to 60 days: single-enty tourist visa

Stay up to 90 days: single entry non-O visa

Stay up to 150 days: single entry non-O visa with 60-day extension in Thailand

For your 44 days, just get a single-entry tourist visa, which will give you permission to stay for 60 days.



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