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Hope someone can help with this ? I updated a couple of Drivers by right clicking the hardware directly from the Device Manager page but since the update my Device Manager hardware list continually expands and contracts, as though I was clicking on the +/- by the side of an item. It cycles every 2 seconds and is annoying at the very least. Must say that I haven't noticed any hardware or software that is malfunctioning because of this. :o

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You can try to restore your system to before those updates (restore point) then download the drivers which need to be updated from the manufacturer website (and follow the install instructions).

Thanks for reply "yeti". I had hoped there would be a quick fix but eventually had to do what you suggested. All Ok again now but a pain having to re do all the drivers.

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In hindsight, you didn't need to do a restore and rollback of the whole config. It would have been easier just to rollback the update to the 'couple of drivers' that initiated the problem.

But you gained an insight and some experience into helping Windows to make your life better. I don't recommend updating drivers unless they come up as an option on a Windows Update. A manufacturer may post a new driver on their own website but it may not have been tested by Microsoft which I think happened in your case. If a device is working OK, you don't need to mess with it.

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