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Bone Meal Fertilizer


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Have a look at this website


It is a liquid organic fertilizer produced in New Zealand. I spent two years testing this fertilizer and used it for more than ten years at the research station where I worked and believe it is still being used.

If you need to contact the Thai distributor please send me a message with your own email address. At ThaiVisa I am able to receive incoming message but not send out any.

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The good old Meat & Bone fertiliser, used to pick up 25 tonnes [bulk] as a backload at smiths of Silvertown in London, to East Anglia, where it was/is used as a mix for animal feed, and if i had it on overnight, mum always wanted some for her roses and veg,

The heat and smell in the factory was incredible!!, it seemed only jamaicans worked there, big machines grinding the bones and meat scraps into a brown powder.

BIL lives next door to the equivalant of a thai abbtoir, and i see pick-ups full with bones go past every few days, i will ask him what happens to the bones,

Cheers, Lickey..

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Thanks for the tip, I did call and they have it.

Transport it's difficult, she said its smelly could not put it on the bus.

We will figure something out.

It is VERY smelly! Did she mention the cost, by the way?



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Re: Nitrosol.

Received your message in my inbox and I sent an email to the Thai distributor of Nitrosol with a copy to you at your email address. But the copy to you was returned.

Please contact this company in Bangkok.

Dr. Rachadaporn

Marketing Manager

Tawanagvet Co., Ltd.

Tel. 02-898-5085

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I am trying to find some bone meal fertilizer without much luck.

I did find some crushed shells calcium powder, not good enough.

Anybody seen any , may know of a supplier ?

Thanks in advance !

I found it, grade "A" with added nutrients, looks like this, not too smelly, 320 Baht for 25 Kilo sack, great for your vegetable & fruit garden.

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