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Need Spare Part


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i have a 1998 nsr 150 sp (or 1999, i forgot), bought it second hand from bangkok.

on sunday, i notice that the rear sproket is wiggling...kinda loose :D:D:D , today brought it to honda shop for checking. now i need information, help or suggestion for the following problem. :D:wai::P

1. the bearing holder is badly damage, it make the rear sproket loose. Ask around in my area (prachinburi), nobody have it in stock, even the honda shop can't tell the exact time for the spare parts. anybody know a shop or person or even have old stock for this parts (axle nut, complete bearing holder, rear sproket, driven flange)??

2. is it normal for nsr 150 sp to start knocking or pinging?? the sound from the engine at low rpm is quite loud like a bolt is hitting the engine room.

3. anybody ever install HDI lighting set for their bike?? how much it cost??

thank you in advance for any comment or story. :o

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Sapi. the sp is that the single sided swing arm model. hdi on an old bike like that will be a waste of money just get some good quality halogen bulbs. 2 strokes do ping a bit. but our resident 2 stroke expert Thann might be able to tell you more. i believe their is an NSR users club i would google it. as for the shop make sure you order from a Honda shop rather than just a branded shop. i have found that the shops owned by ap honda get parts next day and have full microfiche parts lists.


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yup, nsr 150 sp pro arm they called it, i called it "big ass bike" lol.

the HDI is just an idea after i looked around the shop, not that pricey, perhaps made in china.

i havent ask the shop to order it for me, on friday i'll go to bangkok, perhaps i can find a ready stock spare part.

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If you can find that part it is going to be really expensive. Another way is to swap to a normal swing arm from NSR 150.


Mine but I sold her. Good Luck. Of course don't drive it like that.

If you are in Bangkok I can take you to a dealer who has the part number - Udom Suk @ Srinakarin.

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Hi :o

Sorry, there was some blue smoke coming out of this thread so i had to look :D

If you were in Bangkok and free in the morning (i work in the afternoons) i could bring you to a small "Somchai" type shop in Phra Khanong that so far has gotten hold of just about every part i needed, even rare ones, and the prices have always been ok. Getting spares for old-ish bikes from original dealers (Honda, Yamaha etc) can be a pain in the ass - apparently as soon as a bike is no longer sold, so are spare parts!

Knocking or pinging sound can indicate a lose bearing in the con rod - upper or lower, or a worn-out piston. If i were you i'd have it checked as quickly as possible - if it's one of the bearings it could fail any time, resulting in larger damage - piston, cylinder etc, may also result in an accident if the piston seizes and the rear wheel locks up while you're going with speed. That same shop that i mentioned above can get your cylinder rebored and a new piston with oversize, for an RXZ this cost around 600 Baht, Honda will have to ask, maybe the same. Changing the con rod and the bearings will take two days (engine has to come out and apart, crank shaft out and sent to the shop where it's done, then put back together).

HID will only work if your lights run via the battery. If the NSR, like most smaller bikes, has lights powered by AC (straight from the coil) it won't work, and even when you simply wire it up to run via the battery it won't work for long as the generator produces less watts than required to run the lights (typically some 20-25 watts for charge only). If your lights already work without the engine running it's DC powered and you can go for HID. But be aware - you'll lose high beam and the light may be bright but shine everywhere except onto the road, because specially the cheap HID "conversion" kits will never match the focal point of ordinary (halogen) reflectors (some HID kits come with a rectifier so they can run off AC, however in low rpm's the head light will simply shut off - not enough volts coming from the coil, hence the relay that shuts it off rather than run it under-volt which would damage the converter required to run HID lights. I am sure you have seen Fino's standing at intersections and when the lights go green and they take off, suddenly their head light comes on bright white - those are such HID kits. Average life time = 2 months, for 6-7k Baht).

Best regards.....

Two-stroker Thanh

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Another thing which i forgot, regarding the lights.

Someone mentioned "Halogen". Depending what type of bulbs the NSR has in it's head lights, try to get "Krypton" bulbs for it. Those are (no BS!) brighter than Halogen! I have tried a number of bulbs, ordinary Halogen yellow-ish (35/35 watts), Halogen "white" (the glass is actually dark blue, 35/35 watts), stock (32/32 watts) and Krypton (32/32 watts). The Krypton are the brightest by a large margin! And the "white" Halogen are by far the worst - when you look right into the light you go blind and what comes onto the road IS pure white (almost like HID) however the AMOUNT of light on the road is like a cheap flash light.

Yellow (stock colour) Halogens cost around 35 Baht, White Halogens 49 Baht, stock ordinary bulbs 15 Baht and Krypton 75 Baht, but well worth it.

Best regards.....


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yeah, just open the engine. half of the piston is black (carbon built up???)but no crack and the barrel is not that good condition also :D . sorry no pic, dont have camera available.

will do clean up, and repair the barrel. :wai: , this will cost almost the same like buying new one ................ :o:D :D :D

any suggestion for nsr 150 sp engine break in method ??

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