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Impact Arena


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its north of the city near chaeng wattana road. you can come from the expressway towards chaeng wattana road and there is an exit at impact arena, it is possible for you to stay in town and the taxi should be less than 200 baht. (one toll of 45 baht and one of 15 bht)

there are a couple of hotels I have seen on chaeng wattana road but I do not know the names sorry

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you should be aware there are usually giant traffic jams going there with big manifestations.

there are direct minivans from both Chatuchak=Mochit BTS and from the Victory Monument-directly via expressway. also bus 166 from Vict. Monum-but this first goes into Pak Kred and then comes back=add a lot of time.

its -looking on a map-about due west from the old airport Don Muang toward the river, west of the railway and expresway.

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