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Desktop For Ever Crashing


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I'm not well into Windows faults, so i thought I'd ask here as to what best to do as this as been happing for over a year now, sorry if its covered elsewhere difficult to find something as specific as this.

Last January i bought a new desktop mainly for the family i made a mistake of buying it from a TV shop rather than a computer shop, it seems they just had it built to order 20'000 baht :D with flat screen etc.Within 2 days of bringing it home the blue screen crashing & other faults started to occur, We took it back to Roi Et City Issarn (130 kms round trip) at least 3 time's the 3rd time the shop owner was getting agitated & i could not be bothered blasting him so we never went back there,the misses wanted the Monks to take a look.

Anyway the faults continue its been sat here a few months doing nothing since its last fault happened which basiclly froze on boot up at the desktop window with no Icons, so we decided to give it to the local monks yet again, its back now & will work but messages on boot up still appear the same or similar to the previous messages from when new, if I click OK the computer works on the net but is more temperamental than my laptop & i feel that any day now it will crash again, i will note the messages below hope someone can advise & yes tossing it in the bin as already been considered.

Windows XP Professional possible copy no disc with it although no messages appear on Windows update that I've seen on many net cafe computer's, copy copy copy.

Message 1 In the Blue label area says: AirGCFG.exe-Entry point not found

Then below : The procedure entry point apsGetInterfaceCount could not be located in the dynamic link libary wlanapi.dll

Press OK

Message 2 In Blue Label area says : WZCSLDR2.exe - Entry Point Not Found

Then Below : The procedure entry point apsIntialize could not be located in the dynamic link libary wlanapi.dll

Press OK were on again.

Any ideas for a more permanent fix for this.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you can give me as this is getting to me more than the credit crisis :o

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Thanks Guys feel a little more confident now of looking into this my self & has Patklang states i have nothing to lose especially as this time that I've not added my other programs & files lost when the Kind Monks repaired it for us.

That link is Great malcolmswaine thanx its now bookmarked :o

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