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Mun Nork Island A Ripped Off!


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I was planning to make my third trip to Mun Nork Island with friends and family (a total of 9 persons including 3kids) in beginning March because we really like the privacy, the beach and the nice snorkeling area.

I called the main booking line in Bangkok, spoke to them in Thai to discuss the price. It came out to 25,420Baht for 2 days 1 night trip (slow boat to and fro, accomodation, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast and 1 lunch thai style included)!!!!!

That is sooooooo expensive for a 2 days 1 night trip! We've got 3 kids of 3,4 and 6 years old. The first child is free and the 2nd and 3rd one is 75% price of an adult! We've got another kid of 12 years old which is priced as an adult and that I don't mind.

Moreover, I've requested to house everyone in the same bungalow which supposed to be for 6 but I agreed to bring extra beddings for the extra 3 of them. What's more, they don't provide towels and there is no hot water.

So when I did a thorough calculation, I've decided to change and book a resort in Ko Samet, then hire a boat to do island hopping around Ko Ta Lu and Ko Kudi. And the total turn out to be cheaper than the Mun Nork Island with speedboat and hot water and less towels to carry.

Private island yeah but ripping people off this way isn't going to let them earn profits long!

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Is it a rip off or just too expensive to you so you decided to go elsewhere ?

I too like to stay in Landmark when in Bangkok but have to go somewhere else due to their high price. Still i do not claim Landmark is a rip off.

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If it's worth the price that you pay for then it is alright. I've been to this resort twice and I fairly know the place. What I meant is that for this price to pay for the privacy that you've get it's way too high! And since we've been here for a couple of years, we knew that with this price we can easily get a better deal.

Their price is really way off what they could offer. What's really charming there is their beach and the shallow coral reefs which makes it easy for the children to snorkel. Other than that, their type of boat is like the 200baht per person slow boat that brings you to and fro Samet or Ko Chang or Ko Sichang.

You pay for a price at this rate you would expect to have decent meals that is of certain quality but their meals served is simple tom yum soup with some tiny prawns and mushrooms, a veggie dish, a fried sliced pork and some steamed eggs.

And go find any resort anywhere that doesn't provide any towels, with no hot water for shower which charge you 4000baht per person for a night with slow boat included and 3 meals that costs not more than 300baht.

I'm sure you can find a better deal elsewhere.

You don't think it's a rip off? then go check it out yourself.

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