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I recently purchased a Cat-Com Express card for 300 baht so as to make international calls to the UK from Thailand and Wow what a saving a lot cheaper than using DTAC etc unless you have a Skype phone on your computer of course.

It is for international and depending on which country you want to ring it calculates and tells you how much credit you have and once you dial the country it tells you how much talk time you have. When I first dialled my mum in UK it told me I have 2 hours+ talk time, that's good for 300 bht so far I have made to calls to my ole mum and she does rattle on bless her. But I still have 152 baht left, also you can top the card up in the local cat-com office or by dialling the given number.

Basic instruction are on the front of the print out when you purchase it.

Simple to use

1 Dial 1544 then press 2 for English you are then asked to dial in your pin number which is shown at the top of the print out followed by the has key, you are then asked to dial 009+country code+area code+the number followed by hash its that simple.

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Been using one for a couple of years. Very hand to have when you need to make any urgent calls abroad, especially when the bank stops the ATM payments and you wallet is empty and you have 20 Baht on the mobile :o

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