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Condos And Houses In Hat Yai 2009

Mai Krap

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Whats the deal with Condos in Hat Yai? I have heard a couple people say there are Condos but I cant find any information out about them. Does anyone know any websites or even the names of these places? Any info on Condos will be much appreciated.

How about gated communities? Does anyone know about them or have any information or websites? Everybody keeps talking like Hat Yai is a ghost town or something but I always liked the area.

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We live in a house, it's my wife's, I've never had much interest in condominiums and I don't think there are many in Hat Yai in any case. There is the big high rise Napalai Place development, but that, after five or six years, still isn't fully occupied.

With so much in the way of low rise housing, particularly gated estates, Thais aren't interested in buying a pricey condo in Hat Yai, and there aren't many expats around, who wants to buy a condo in Hat Yai when rental space is cheap and easily available?

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