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Cheap Seats To Chiang Rai?


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i mean really, whats preventing you from plugging in the date onto the websites for all those airlines and finding out? sheesh! anything else we can do for you?

ok "oz", just incase you dont get it.

some people fly regularly between bkk and northern cities (wacky - i know). Those very same people usually take the best current offer going. And those very same people might just be reading while i'm posting therefore giving me an answer.

You have proved 2 things.

1: you are not one of the above mentioned people.

2: you are a bit of a numpty chump :o

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actually i fly quite regularly between BKK and northern thailand, and when I look for a flight I go to the airline websites and plug in the dates and compare, like most people! There is no way anyone here can tell you the cheapest price when we have no idea when you are flying! The prices vary daily.

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