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Need Appartment 2 Months 10000 -12000 With Adsl


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Amy, the other day I did a search on google, just property rentals in phuket, there was two or three sites that offered accomodation in bungalow style in the south of phuket for the 15,000 thb mark per month......but you would need a car or bike for transport to other areas.

It was near the beach.

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Hi, owners with cheap accommodation typically dont advertise as they have to pay to put it in the Phuket Gazette or have to give an agent a commission.

www.houseinphuket.com has some cheaper houses.

What month were you thinking?

My landlord has some apartments in Kata.. not sure of the availability.. i have a listing for him in the Thai Visa Classifieds too....

Ill send you PM. His apartments have ADSL and it is a 5 min bike ride to the beach.

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I think Wellta is a touch on the expensive side, and she tends to stick to long term rentals. I'd be extremely surprised if she had any rentals in the range the OP is seeking - especially short term. The OP could try googling phuket rentals, etc - there are plenty of agents around. Don't expect to get something near the beach for your price - indeed, at the range you indicate, you'll be well away from it (although there are some cheapies down Rawai way, but it's not a beach for swimming). Others will probably suggest you get a room for a few nights and then hire a motor cycle and drive around looking for signs. You may have some success this way, but it's not my cup of tea and it may be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the area. Look in the Phuket Gazette classifieds, do some googling and don't be fussed about being close to the beach (unless you are prepared to triple your price).

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