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English Man On Retirement Visa With 4 Pensions Refuses


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Hi THere,

A good friend of mine has a 2 and a half year old boy, fathered by an English man, who is living in THailand on a Retirement Visa. He has 4 different pensions coming to him at this time.

My friend has often asked for financial assistance with her child, when he is ill, or for buying food, or milk, or whatever he needs. He never gives any money. His standing is that he told her to have an abortion, so its not his responsibility.

My friend has very little money, but is valiantly trying to raise her child on her own, with minimal assistance from her own family.

Is there any legal recourse she can take in Thailand? He has threatened to leave Thailand if she makes trouble, but as he owns his own house here, I doubt he would. She doesn't want much. Just SOMETHING to help.

ANy ideas folks? It makes me sick this scumbag doesn't face up to his responsibility.

Thanks in advance


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I believe your friend, or rather her child, can file a patenity suit and have a Thai court decide on maintenance. I suggest contacting a good lawyer for the best advice, like forum sponser isaanlawyers.

1/2548 Thailand Supreme Court Opinion 15 (No. 547) 2005

Likid Tubtimthong v. Laor Tubtimthong

Re: Paternity

The first defendant and the plaintiffs' mother have lived together as husband and wife since 2480 (1937), but they do not have the Thailand marriage license. Furthermore there is no evidence proving the first defendant has registered the plaintiffs as his adopted children or that the court has passed a judgment recognizing the defendant as the father of the plaintiffs. Neither plaintiff has a legal father. According to Section 156/2 of the Civil and Commercial Code, children cannot sue their parents. As the plaintiffs are not the legally recognized children of the defendant, they can sue the first defendant.

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I have deleted an offensive post & the reply to it.

Either reply with relevant, helpful information for the op or do not post. Posting offensive & rude comments regarding thai women or offensive suggestions of thai womens motives for getting preganant will not be tolerated here.

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Hi, As the claimed father is English he falls under UK Law and therefore will be liable to pay Child Support. The lady in question should approach the UK embassy (with or without legal support) with as much information as possible - not just income details. I have heard this approach works for country's that have implemented Child Support Acts. The down side is it can take up to a year and may involve DNA testing to verify parenthood, having legal aid would also increase chances of success. It would seem that the best way forward is to follow up every Thai avenue as well as the UK Embassy approach. Good luck to your friend but on a more philosophical note if the father was a Thai her chances of getting any support would be V slim.

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Note that a paternity suit would establish that soemone is the legal father. Beside child support it also could have consequences regarding the child's nationality (he might be able to claim UK citenship, next to Thai citizenship), his right to inheritence from the father and possible pensions if the father dies.

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