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Moving A Wooden House To A New Location


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I am considering moving a house from Chiang Mai to Khon Kaen - the house is a sound single storey wooden construction. I believe there are some companies who can handle this type of move and I wonder if anyone knows of anyone or has used someone that they could recommend. I heard somewhere that big companies are best as they know how to handle the paperwork involved and are generally better at dismantling and possibly reassembly.

Advice welcome Roger

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No idea about the paperwork or people to do it, but have seen it done once. As I recall the cost was 40,000 Baht to dismantle and move (similar locations that you mention) in pieces on a few flat bed trucks. The sanding and planing noise during reconstruction was amazing - in a bad way. The case I saw caused a number of local disputes due to the noise, workers wanted to complete the rebuild quickly and the locals wanted to sleep at night.

Suggest talking with the local puia-ban to agree working hours and maybe a few cases of beer split amoung those affected by the noise or a party would make the noise less of a long term problem.


(I've seen some nice old wooden places in CM on my travels.)

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> Prices for old houses seem to vary widely.

The fact that you as a non-Thai will increase the price, if you can remain outside the picture it is wise.

The case I saw was a pure Thai-Thai transaction.

BTW. The age polished wooden floor is brilliant.

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