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Visa Date Or Immigration Stamp Date

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Hi there,

Last year I got myself a 1 year non immigrant O visa - multiple entry (expires 14th March 09). I was advised by the Thai consulate in my country that I could leave Thailand before it expires and get another 90 day immigration stamp - thus 15 months rather than 12.

I now have an immigration stamp until 19th April in my passport (when I returned to Thailand in January this year)

I have received conflicting advise of when I hvae to leave, some friends say 14th March, others say 19th April.

Who is right??


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The 19th of April is the date you have to leave. Once you are in the country the experation date means nothing. Your permit to stay is the only one that counts.

If you wanted to get more time of your visa you could do a border run on the 13th of March and get another 90 days.

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Joe is right. The visa and the date when you have to leave (permission to stay) are 2 different things. The visa allows you to come to Thailand and ask to be admitted. When they approve your request to be admitted at the border you get a permission to stay in the form of a stamp in your passport telling you till what date you can stay.

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