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Double Entry Tourist Visa In Yangon

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I would like to get a 2x tourist visa in the near future and am weighing out my options. I would prefer to go somewhere that i have never been before to make a holiday out of the trip. I believe my options are as such:

Malaysia: From reading other posts it appears KL, Penang and KB all do not give out 2x entries (other than on seemingly rare occasions)

Hanoi: Again, other posts state they only give out single entry visas.

Yangon: Has anyone tried to get a TV here lately? Do they give out 2x entries? Was the process smooth?

All else fails, i'll take another trip to Vientiane to get the visa but i'm hoping to avoid that trip again :o

Any advice is appreciated :D

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Sorry, i should have mentioned that i have been to Phnom Penh. As i mentioned before i would like to try out a new destination :o

You don't have a choice other than Phnom Penh and Vientiane for double entry tourist visas, and believe me, we are lucky to even get double entry tourist visas from such convenient locations.

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Looks like i'm going back to Vientiane then. It's too bad the embassies aren't more consistent with offering double entries. I guess i shall feel grateful that they are offered at all.

You should be grateful. There was a period from October 06 until late 07 when they were not available in SE Asia. Single entries were even getting hard to get.

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