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Cast & Audience Sought For Chiang Mai


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In the 1990s Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy and niece of John F. Kennedy, toured the world to interview human rights defenders. While of many ages and nationalities, they all have one thing in common: they risk a great deal, sometimes their own lives, to speak truth to those in power and defend others' human rights. (One of those interviewed, a Mexican nun and human rights lawyer, was murdered in 2001).

Speak Truth To Power Chiang Mai is still looking for people of all ages, nationalities, and native languages (and especially fellas) to take part in a production of 'The Speak Truth To Power Play: Voices From Beyond the Dark', to be performed 2-4 March 2009 at 7pm at AUA Language Center auditorium, with just 3 rehearsals before then. The play only runs for about an hour. No acting experience or memorization is necessary: people would simply be speaking aloud the real and powerful words of other people who cannot be there to speak for themselves. Costumes will simply be participants' own black clothing. Cast members can choose a very short part of 1-3 lines, or a longer part.

Doing this play will be a great way to meet other people in Chiang Mai; raise money for a refugee school in Mae Sot which is threatened with closure; and best of all celebrate those who may be isolated, endangered, or imprisoned, but still have courage to speak truth to those in power. If you or any of your colleagues or friends are interested in taking part, or in doing a story about the show, or can help us attract more cast members, or would like to come and watch a performance, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information:

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