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What Are Some Thai Tourism Destinations With Good Deals?


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I am in need of a holiday and have never really been anywhere in Thailand except a few of the major destinations. What are some unique and interesting places to go? Not necessarily outside the tourist trail but different and still a good deal.

Any suggestions? Thailand only please!

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start with the nearest national parks - as I believe the entance fee was slashed or removed.

accommodation within the park is expensive, but just outside the entrance you can get guest houses for some 500 baht.

the best is to go weekedays to have the place all for yourself

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I can definately recommend Trang. There's some quaint little fishing villages around and various muslim villages too so it's a different side of Thailand to the rest of the country I've seen. Awesome scenery - beaches, rivers and waterfalls, caves etc. And the locals are wonderful - I'm biased though having a load of family there :o .

I still get some odd looks when I'm cruising around being a whitey and all... Mostly thai tourists if any.

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Trang sounds lovely, and since I am not a dedicated sun worshiper, it being a Muslim area is not a problem for me. What areas would you recommend or just the whole province?

Mukdahan, I am afraid I am unfamiliar with that area. Where is it? And how mountainous is it?

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Pak Meng - Beautiful scenery although the sand / water isn't crystal clear. Very quaint with money invested in tourism in the past (maybe in the 80's?) but now falling apart buildings along the beach. It's weird but wonderful all the same. Kind of reminds me of some tourist areas / buildings just off the mainstream in Burma. Great food along the beach and next to no farangs (or thais for that matter).

Chow Mai - absolutely stunning and practically deserted. Monkeys live along the beach which is fun to watch. Great swimming. Also have a monkey rescue centre if I recall correctly.

Waterfalls: Ton Te. Wonderful day trip. Pristine waters.

Cave: Surin

Not too sure about other location names sorry. Usaully I just pay for the petrol and the family takes me to different places :o .

Other than that I know there is loads of other wondeful beaches and islands but I'm still discovering them. I think the places I've mentioned above are what you would call off the well beaten track.

My partner's family is from Yan Ta Khao about 20kms from Trang city. There's lots of tiny villages around there that are interesting to explore if you like local markets, scenery and just cruising. You really need a car though.

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By the way - The muslims around the area are just fine about how you would probably dress. I've never made any special efforts (whilst still be respectful of course) and they haven't batted an eyelid at me. Other than the kids having a good laugh at me.

Oneday we pulled up to get a drink from a little store and a local buddhist thai walked up to me and started chatting about my amulet. He was well impressed because I wear an authentic Luang Phu Tuat buddha. After some small talk he pulled out three amulets and told me to choose one. I chose one, thanked him and he left - didn't want or expect anything in return. My brother in law had a big go at me because he reckoned one of the amulets the guy was offering was quite a rare and valuable buddha. Truly lovely and generous people in the south.

If you do head down there get a luang phu tuat amulet from BKK and every person in the south will welcome you with open arms!

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