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Decent Hardware Store In Bkk


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Give these guys a call and ask them. Ramset is the company that makes dynabolts.

Ramset (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

72 Soi Charoen Krung 39, Phra Nakorn, Bangkok, 10200; Thailand

Bangkok ,


And let us know how you get on cause info like what you are seeking is gold.

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You can get some Dyner Bolts in Home Pro Sukhumvit. ( odd side, past Soi 1 away from soi 3). I went in there again last night and the poor salesman guy reconsied me and draged me over to show me his new Dyner Bolts. (I bet they were out the back the whole time).

I am not very famular with BKK compared to most here. Home Pro has by far the best selection of hardware requirments I have needed so far. Up on some higher levels you can get condue tubing for plumbing, (the staff wont tell you this of course :o and I used for a temp solution some wodden shelving on another floor. There are some staff there with good English, but slightly 'clue-less'.

To get Plywood, I would be incliuned to pay a local maintance guy in the building to source it. I must remember I am downtown in a huge city and this stuff is probibly in the Thai suburbs.


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