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Pensions For Farang In Thailand?

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Yo guys,

I have been living and working in thailand for 3 years now and loving it!

What is the system for pensions out here? I'm 30 years old.

is social security the pension?

are there private companies anyone could recommend talking to?

do companies equal what you save out here?

I really have no clue about this stuff. Please help. :o



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If you are an employee and you have the obligatory health insurance, you will be entitled to a pension of 15% of your salary, if you have been insured long enough. (believe it is 15 years).

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If you live in a developing country with politically and economically stable environment and large GDP growth rates, then it does not make sense to invest in pension scheme that seems to me quite risky and can not provide you with appropriate return. Some solve this problem by investing in offshore banking centers that provide pension financing. If I am not mistaken Bahamas provide quite flexible pension scheme, but the problem is the same as in onshore pension schemes: your return on investment is not appropriate. In both cases you keep funds so that they earn you negative economic profit meaning that you can find better places to invest elsewhere.

Obviously you have a question: ok, I believe you, but where is a better place to invest. I would answer you to invest in real estate. First of all price of real estate increases with GDP and second you can rent out real estate and earn income on that.

Now you may have another question: but I was planning to put away tiny amounts every month and I can not afford buying land or a building. The answer is mortgage: get a mortgage and you can even cover month repayments by the rent.

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