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Natural Latex Toppers!

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Just want to let everyone know that Latex Innovations has been growing steadily and are now a sponsor on Thai Visa. For all those that need some comfort and improved sleep, please visit our site by clicking on the advert at the top of the page. We deliver all across Thailand and even do custom sizes.

Very best to you!


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For all those that are interested, Latex Innovations is offering a promotion right now, free shipping to Chiang Mai and to any location in Bangkok!! Thats a savings of 800B to 1000B! If anyone is interested in viewing some small samples, please do not hesitate to send an email.

Warm regards

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Dear *****

I recently started just using my latex topper by itself - no mattress - and it works fine. - no need for both. You are right once again!



Glad you're happy with it too. Best investment I ever made!!

I decided to try my latex topper alone as a mattress and it is still quite comfortable even though I have arthritis and am very overweight!.

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